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The New York Times Loses Twitter Blue Tick After Clash With Musk


Twitter announced on March 31 that all accounts would require a paid subscription starting on April 1 and has already begun removing verification badges from accounts that already have Twitter blue tick. Along with a number of other organisations and famous people, The New York Times declared they would not purchase the Twitter blue tick. Elon Musk responded by hurling a barrage of jabs at the publication.

The real tragedy of the New York Times, according to Mr. Musk, owner of Twitter, “is that their propaganda isn’t even interesting.” Additionally, their feed is Twitter’s version of diarrhoea. It’s illegible,” he continued.

The New York Times and Twitter have not yet made any public comments in response to Mr. Musk’s remarks. According to Twitter’s new policies, accounts that do not pay for it will start to lose the Twitter blue tick that formerly indicated authentic, verified accounts.

Individual accounts must pay $8 (£6.40) per month for a Twitter blue click, while organisations seeking verification badges must pay $1,000 (£810) per month to acquire a gold verification tick.
For Twitter, the subscription service will bring in money. However, there have been worries expressed that without the verification procedure, it will be challenging to distinguish between real accounts and imposters.

Apart from “rare instances where this status would be essential for reporting purposes,” a spokesman said, the New York Times stated it would not pay for the authentication of its journalists’ Twitter accounts.

The newspaper, which has over 55 million followers on Twitter, lost its blue tick after the statement. However, it’s not obvious if all firms need to subscribe to the service in order to keep their verification. The New York Times writes, citing an internal Twitter memo, that 10,000 of the most popular Twitter accounts will be excluded from the limits.

Different types of Twitter blue tick

Since December, Twitter has added three separate coloured verification badges: blue ticks are for individual accounts, grey ticks for multilateral organisation or government accounts, and gold ticks are for business companies.
There are currently several news organisations with gold ticks, such as CNN, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, all of which have stated they will not pay for Twitter verification.
The gold badge is also present on other New York Times accounts, including New York Times Arts and New York Times Travel.

The removal of the Twitter blue tick seems to be happening gradually. According to The Washington Post, which cited former firm employees, this may be because the procedure is largely manual.
Celebrities like the legendary American basketball player LeBron James still have a blue tick despite having stated that he would not be paying for Twitter verification. Ice-T, a US musician, has also voiced his criticism of the new fee-paying scheme.

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